“Newlyweds” – Corey & Adriana’s Grand Rapids Wedding!


February 15, 2013


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So…..I am so excited to start a new series on the blog!  Every couple of weeks we will check back in with some of our past brides and grooms and see what they are up to, how things have changed for them and how they felt about their wedding day!  There will be lots of Grand Rapids weddings and a bunch more from all over the U.S.!  Thanks to Terra for the great idea!  Here is our first couple!

Railside Golf Club Wedding-5

Names:  Corey & Adriana      Wedding Date:  August 25, 2012      Location:  Railside Golf Club, Byron Center

You can see more of their gorgeous wedding day here!!

Question #1 – How do you like being married? Is it all that you dreamed it would be?

I enjoy being married! For us, it really isn’t much different than before we were married.  Really, the only thing that changed after the wedding day, was my last name 🙂

Question #2 – If you could change anything about your wedding day, what would it be? Or did it go exactly as planned?
Of course nothing goes exactly as planned! I would have organized and delegated the day-of activities a little better. We almost didnt have boutonnieres or corsages because they were left at the house until right before the ceremony! Thank goodness for my sister-in-law who went to retrieve those for us!
Question #3 – Do you have any funny stories or did anything crazy happen on that day?
Hmmmm, well we did have 2 wedding crashers take pictures in our photo booth and then sign the book with their pic in it! We also had a groomsman lose his shirt and strip down to only pants and suspenders. But that happens at every wedding…. right? 🙂
Question #4 – What was your favorite part about your wedding? Any special vendors, details, etc?
We definitely loved our photographers!   (I promise…I didn’t tell her to say that!)  We also had a really amazing cake baker, florist, DJ and wedding singer. (Their wedding singer was amazing!  She sounded like Colbie Calliat!!)  We really had the best vendors. I am happy to give recommendations!
Question #5 – What were your favorite images? Do any of them have any special meaning behind them?
There are many photos that I fell in love with. One of my ultimate favorites was when my husband lifted me and you caught the perfect shot, just as the sun was setting. There were such beautiful colors in the sky. The last picture of the night was also an amazing shot of my husband grabbing my face and planting a sweet kiss on my lips. Also, the ones of my father walking me down the aisle and dancing with me are a few of my favorites. These have special meaning to me, since my father actually had a heart attack the week after our wedding. He is healthy, and doing very well now, and I am thankful to have those pictures because they remind me that we could have lost him, and to just make sure and cherish those memories in time.  (The #1 reason I love photography…..I may have teared up a little reading this response.)

Railside Golf Club Wedding-1

Railside Golf Club Wedding-2

Railside Golf Club Wedding-3

Railside Golf Club Wedding-4


Question #6 – Do you have any advice for soon-to-be brides that may help in their planning and enjoying of their wedding day?

First of all, enjoy the day, and don’t worry about things going wrong.  You want to remember the day!  Also, definitely check your drink agreement.  ‘Open bar’ in Michigan does not really mean ‘open bar’.  There still is a drink limit per-person and make sure and get that information ahead of time. We learned that the hard way.

Question #7 – Has anything changed for you since the wedding? Not a lot has changed… well, other than we are now expecting our first child in May 🙂 We are feeling very blessed and excited to meet our little girl!  (I bet she will be super cute!!)


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