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As a mom to a gorgeous daughter with multiple disabilities, I have come to love capturing children and adults who are different yet beautiful - showing them that they are perfectly imperfect too.

The twenty week ultrasound is the big moment that everyone waits for. That moment after weeks and weeks of waiting where you finally are able to see your sweet little baby that is growing inside of you. Will you be having a boy or a girl?! Those are the big questions that
you need answers to so you can start painting the nursery and buying cute little clothes that will only fit for two weeks. It's funny how you love this child so much before you even meet them. They are a part of you before you can even see their face. 

Love sure is a funny thing sometimes.

We left that ultrasound room with those
answers, but we also left with many, many more questions. This exciting pregnancy roller coaster abruptly turned into an emotional freight train without
any way of stopping it.

I stopped wearing mascara

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Families with special needs often require unique circumstances to make family photos happen.  I'm here to help make those photo dreams come true!  If you need more time, a calm space, a translator/interpreter or any other accommodation, please let me know!

Unique pricing and scholarship sessions are also available.  I promise, together it's possible!

Unique Situations.

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Wonderfully Made

Lori's voice

Each wedding I photograph will have a portion of their collection donated to Lori's Voice - a local nonprofit who's mission is to provide funding for equipment, education or medical expenses for special needs children.

Not everyone can change the whole world but everyone can do a little to change the world around them.

Lori's Voice


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scholarship sessions

If you are interested in helping make a photo session for another family possible,
contact me here

This is a small but wonderful way to help those in this community feel seen, feel beautiful and feel worthy..... because they are!

Donations are accepted in any size and are set aside for anyone that would otherwise not have the opportunity to have family portraits fill their walls.  Memories truly are the greatest gift.

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