Michigan Photographer // The Haven Conference – Headshots Part II!


May 14, 2019


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Michigan Photographer // The Haven Conference – Headshots Part II!

Last week I posted about The Haven Conference and what I loved about it!  The conference itself was amazing, but something that I didn’t mention was how amazing the people were.  The group of people that surround you can certainly make or break a situation and let me tell you, these ladies are pure gold!!

Today, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to all of the women and tell you a little bit about them and even a way you can support a local and female entrepreneur like myself.  Community over competition all the way!!

Here they are, my new friends, ladies of the #haventribe (and DJ Matt)!

The Haven Conference - A conference for entrepreneurs at Camp Blodgett on Lake Michigan

First up – Christina, owner of Christina Burton Events from Indianapolis, IN, and also the lady behind the scenes who helped coordinate the event!

You can visit her website here!

“My passion is pleasing people. Creating smiles. Crafting memories. Perfecting every single detail.

My passion is making the time of your engagement one of the happiest times, not the most stressful. Making sure moms, dads, brothers, sisters, best friends and everyone else you love has just as stress free of a day as you do. Making sure those people surround you on your day, instead of working. Making the day of your dreams a reality, even if it’s not fully formed in your head yet. Making sure that your day is about love, fun, happiness, celebration, you, and your unique love story.

Over the past decade I’ve spent time planning various types of events across the country, including: non-profit fundraising, corporate and social events. But all along I’ve always planned weddings. I love incorporating my client’s personal style, love story and their vision for their wedding day to create the day of their dreams. Whether intimate or grand, every detail of a wedding should be as unique as the couple it’s about; weddings should never be cookie cutter.
When I’m not planning a wedding or event, I enjoy spending time being active or trying out new restaurants with my husband, Ty, and our two spoiled Great Pyrenees pups, Burley & Libby. “

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Then there’s this gorgeous lady, Kerry.  Kerry was one of the speakers at the conference who owns Reset Brain + Body in Plymouth, MI.

“After nearly a decade in corporate wellness and human resources, across diverse industries from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Kerry witnessed too many professionals struggling with stress and lacking the tools to cope. As a former Type-A who glorified being busy herself, Kerry saw first hand the benefits of yoga and meditation on her mental and physical health. In deciding to work more directly with her chronically stressed peers, Kerry completed her M.ED from DePaul University in Clinical Counseling while simultaneously graduating as a 200-level yoga instructor with CorePower Yoga.

With the integration of psychology, health coaching, yoga and meditation, Kerry’s clients see dramatic changes in their ability to handle life’s stressors, build deeper understanding of themselves and ultimately thrive in their lives.

Kerry’s passion for well-rounded, science-based approaches to stress extends to her personal life as well. She enjoys reading, cycling, yoga, cooking, traveling, walking her dog, spending summer weekends on Lake Michigan and soaking up every minute with her son Cole, dog Nellie, and husband Nick in downtown Plymouth, Michigan.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Sarah is a Michigan based makeup artist who also just happens to make the most gorgeous earrings…I mean…look at those she’s wearing!!

“HI! Im Sarah a self taught makeup artist born and raised in beautiful Michigan. I have always loved colors and what they can do to make a difference in our lives. 5 years ago the best opportunity found me and showed me a way of putting colors into my life as well as the life of others.

MAKEUP ARTISTRY!!! I have to say I am beyond blessed to work in the makeup industry along side of some of the most beautiful models and talented photographers. I have worked with Valerie Ott Photography for 5 years now. We specialize in making people look and feel uniquely beautiful. Along with showing them how their inner beauty is reflected on the outside.

I specialize in all types of makeup from SFX, editorial, special occasion, bridal, and senior portrait. Im also a MAC pro artist but I enjoy working with many different brands of makeup. As a professional makeup artist I only use high quality makeup. It is important to me that the quality of my makeup and tools be high so I can achieve the perfect look for each individual and to ensure the longevity of the look and style.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

These ladies work together too, so we had to snap some shots together 🙂

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Valerie is a photographer in Kalamazoo, MI who specializes in senior portraits.  She’s pretty fun too!

“In late 2015, Valerie decided to specalize ONLY in senior photography. It was an easy decision, based on the fact that most of her clients were seniors, and seniors were the most fun. Valerie and her teammate Sarah had a staff meeting and came up with the bee as the mascot. Sarah told Valerie that she always thought of the bee.

The bee is a confident queen, who always keeps busy and always knows exactly what to do. She leads quietly, but has respect from all around her.

Valerie decided that was a beautiful concept, and one that every girl should own. Be a confident leader in your own life! You will see our little bee all over our website and it’s a theme throughout what we do. Our bee is feminine because she represents the girls that we photograph with softness and strength. Our bee has a little crown because she knows she’s worthy of royalty, as should you.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This is Leah.  She’s a gem.  She is a social media manager who I simply adore (especially because her and I share a love for Disney)!

“Hi there! I’m Leah!

I am a social media manager. I help small businesses take the overwhelm out of social media and convert their followers into customers ????

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur I know [and I mean I KNOW!] how hard it can be to find a balance, avoid burnout ????????‍♀️, and not feel like you’re hustling around the clock, so I am passionate about the importance of boundary setting for entrepreneurs ????
Also, if you’re going to hang with me, and I hope you will, it’s important you know I that I live and love all things Disney ✨”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Stephanie is simply the best!  She’s a photographer right here in Grand Rapids.  You’d think that she is my ‘competition’ but I’d say she is my ‘community’.  When we work together…that is when the magic happens!!

“I got into photography because of a school trip to Alaska. You know, back when film cameras were cheaper than digital-yep, I’m old enough for that.
I photographed my first solo wedding 2 months after graduating from college! It was scary and awesome which ultimately led me to where I am today!
I now run my business full time, photographing Weddings, Engagements, Proposals, Families, and Seniors all over Michigan!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Sweet Carrie.  Carrie is based in Traverse City where her and her husband own vacation rental properties in the most gorgeous location!  I can’t wait to visit someday!!

“My husband and I own a collection of short term vacation rentals in Traverse City, Michigan. We are coming up on our 5th rental season!

I take my job as a host and a guide to my beautiful hometown of Traverse City very seriously. A lot of times I’m my guests first introduction EVER to town. I can tell them where to find the best blueberry pancake, iced dirty chai, after dinner dessert, and the most kid friendly places to grab an adult beverage at. I know these things because I’m here exploring myself, year round, with my friends and family. Except for January….I’m in Florida….the whole month. ????‍♀️???? We are excited to expand our business in 2020 to include Leelanau County. We will have our first rental, hopefully ????????, available for rent starting summer 2020. So many firsts for us. New build ✅ Waterfront ✅ Northport ✅ Leelanau County ✅ A house ✅.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This is Amanda.  Amanda was one of the speakers at the conference who just happens to own a super cute clothing boutique called Kiloh & Co.!

“I am a corporate marketing professional turned side hustler turned full-time entrepreneur. My first ever business was an Etsy shop that evolved into the Kiloh + Co. Boutique! Throughout my journey, I’ve learned so much and found my passion lies in helping inspire others to take action! My mission is to inspire fellow lady entrepreneurs & side hustlers to take action in their business and live their best life. When I’m not working on biz, you can find me with a coffee in hand, playing with my dogs, or catching up on the latest Netflix show with my entrepreneur husband.

The podcast came about as a creative outlet and need for more purpose. Sharing ideas, discussing business, inspiring action lights me up and it is evolving into so much more than a podcast. It’s not just about supporting local businesses (although we LOVE that!), it’s about inspiring those around you. In your community, within your tribe, the lady at the checkout counter. There are so many amazing things that surround you, but you just have to tap into it, ask for help, and watch what it does for your life and business. I hope you join me on this journey and watch #agirlwithadream make it a reality.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Amy owns a floral design and event consulting business named MI Honeybee Flowers on the East side of Michigan.  And she’s seriously cute…don’t you think?!

“After my son was born in 2015, I decided to seize the day and start my own floral design company. I have over ten years experience in project management and event planning, and nearly four years of experience working at a local florist.

For years, I did flowers for friends and family and always told people I wanted to be a florist as my retirement plan. Life is too short, am I right?! MI Honeybee Flowers is my now plan! I absolutely love working along side my clients to make their day happier. I have a strong eye for details and promise that every flower, decoration idea, and arrangement I provide, is the best I have to offer.

MI Honeybee Flowers is a family-owned floral design and event consulting business in the great mitten state. I want to make your dreams come to life and ensure that it’s enjoyable, affordable, and uniquely you. I want to build a family of clients where creativity, attention to detail, and communication are at the forefront. I love chasing dreams, the beauty and perfection of flowers, and building community for the betterment of your event and for residents in Michigan.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Emily is such a kind and sweet person.  She also happens to own Details Not Drama, a company that helps you create content for social media!

“Hi ???? I’m Em. Passionate. Driven. Organized. Hard-worker. Committed. Reliable. Trustworthy. ???? Come say hi!

I’ve always had multiple jobs, lead committees, been involved. You name it. Although I work full time as a pediatric nurse in Detroit, I love being surrounded by confident, creative women doin’ their thing ???? Side hustlin’ isn’t easy or for the faint of heart and being around women entrepreneurs is one of the most inspiring things in my life.

So, I’ve decided to transition from health coaching into more of a support role for small biz owners, focusing mostly on social media and content creation ???? I’m currently still building my brand –#detailsnotdrama, but am taking on clients this summer as a I build and mold this into something amazing ☄ Please reach out and say Hi!! Would love to meet, connect and collab ❤”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This gorgeous human is Chelsea.  She’s a momma, a blogger and she just shaved her head for cancer.  If that isn’t interesting, I’m not sure what is!!

“Well hey there, I’m Chelsea, owner of East & Willow, an online clothing boutique based out of Detroit.

You will always find me surrounded by my house of boys, coffee in one hand and a camera in the other, documenting all of life’s crazy moments. I’m a type 7 enneagram through and through and am always planning our next trip to a new country!

When I became a mother to my 2nd son in 2013 I wanted a cute “boy mom” shirt but didn’t like anything I found online. So I set out to make my own and found out fast that other moms loved my shirt as well. I jumped in and started selling my designs on Etsy right away! In 2016 I got married and made my own wedding shirt and just like before, hundreds of other brides to be were interested in buying these designs. Since 2013 the shop has grown into carrying men and kids wear too. We are known for our parenthood, wedding and positive messages tee’s, inspiring others to love and enjoy the clothes they are wearing. I hope one day to take East & Willow into other shops across Michigan and collaborate with other female business owners.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Scout has her own Etsy shop named Stockbridge Design Co. where she makes and sells some of the nicest gifts with simple and natural tones.  Definitely check it out!!

“Hello, friend! My name is Scout, owner of Stockbridge Design Co. I specialize in hand lettered goods and services! I love warm cozy spaces, soft neutrals, and wood textures. I get by with the help from my amazing guy and sweet little fur babe.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This momma-to-be is Kalin!  Kalin owns Sweetwater Floral where you can find the most gorgeous floral arrangements you have ever seen….and hear the most insanely hilarious stories you’ve ever heard.  Yes, she’s funny!  Kalin was also one of the speakers at the conference 🙂

“I’m Kalin.

I’m tall, I’m loud & I am obsessed with planning your wedding flowers.Stems & Sprigs was born from my love for cutting flowers from the garden, arranging them in jars and vases & delivering them to people I love.

Since then, we’ve flowered for weddings big and small and all across the great state of Michigan.

I’m a graduate of BLOOM Open Book Floral Study and pride myself on an arranging style that is uniquely Northern Michigan, natural & romantic. I’m a sucker for all the greenery & love a good dahlia.

When I’m not designing flowers for your wedding, my husband and I are most likely entertaining at our small Lavender Farm in Petoskey, MI. Some of my favorite things on the planet include: camping, wine, cuddling our dog, writing & setting the table for dinner.

Thanks for swinging by our little corner of the internet, I cannot wait to meet you.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Latasha is gorgeous (obviously) but she also owns James + Park where they specialize in social media and creative digital strategies.

“Latasha James is passionate about freelancing and social media, and has been a social media manager for the better part of a decade. She is the creator and host of The Freelance Friday Podcast and the founder of James + Park, a social media and creative agency. Latasha is deeply entrenched in all forms of new media, from managing brand relationships with thousands of influencers to creating content for her 18,000+ subscribers on YouTube, to helping businesses and new creators launch podcasts of their own.

Her mission is to empower others through online trainings, custom coaching packages, and high-value, actionable content.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Tracey owns a clothing boutique with two locations, one in Traverse City and a second location in Elk Rapids.  You can visit Relish’s website here!

“I’ve been in retail one way or another since age 16. My first job was at Sears Roebuck & Co. in the intimate apparel department. I’ve been a business owner for 17 years. I opened Relish in June of 2012 and opened a second location (30 min away) in May of 2016. I have a pug named Simon who is our shop dog & is loved more than the merchandise! I love clothing but tend to not dress the part. And…I’m getting married on May 28 in the mountains of Colorado!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This is Tammy.  Tammy owns a super cute store in Traverse City called Red Dresser Marketplace where you can find a mix of new and old items!

“Hi All! I’m Tammy. I own at cute shop in Traverse City called The Red Dresser Marketplace. I have been in business for 12 years. I have over 50 local merchants that make up our marketplace and sell local maker items, painted vintage furniture and home decor items. I love being able to support so many local women by giving them a full time venue to sell their products. I am excited to meet you all!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Janene owns Shades of Lavender Farm where she always has something fun going on.  I can’t wait to visit her there in a few short weeks!!

“Shades of Lavender Farm is a dream come true for us. The dream was to work with the earth and enhance our surroundings. Lavender is so beautiful and inspiring. The goal at Shades of Lavender Farm is to create products that give people comfort. Lavender is such a versatile product and we strive to incorporate it in a number of product for our friends, family and customers to enjoy.

It amazes us how many people are standing behind us and are willing to pitch in to help us with this dream. God is good. Shades of Lavender Farm is blessed beyond measure.

We are excited to announce that we opened to the public July 2018! You can enjoy walking through the lavender fields and cut your own bundles to take home. In our new shop you can watch as we make products from our lavender, see us distill lavender essential oil in our copper still and then enjoy a bit of shopping.

We encourage you to come and walk the lavender fields, quietly reflect and find comfort in the beauty of God’s creation.

We will be offering classes for all ages on soap making, lavender wreaths, lavender wands, crafts and culinary creations.

Please visit our web site often and see all of the changes that will be happening this year and in the years to come. We are so very excited to be on this journey and we are looking forward to awesome things happening in the future!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This beautiful gal is Julie.  Julie started a company called The Purple Beet where she makes and sells smoothie packs the look simply amazing!!

“I have a passion for creating healthy and delicious food that your entire family will enjoy.

The idea of The Purple Beet came to me because I wanted a quick meal option that contained whole foods. The business was born in the Spring of 2017 and I immediately began creating smoothies to share with family and friends.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me chasing around my two little kids, working out with my husband Ryan or hitting up Northern Michigan beaches, farmers markets, or spending time with my big, loud family (I’m one of 4 girls)! My favorite things in the world, aside from watching my kids gulp down their smoothies every day, are Christmas (I grew up on a Christmas Tree farm!) and eating dessert (all about #balance). As a licensed Chiropractor, I’ve seen and know first hand the impacts that small healthy habits can have on someone’s life, and I want that easy, “feel good” lifestyle for you.

I cannot wait to share The Purple Beet with you!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Amber is so fun!  She started a boutique bartending company called Tonic & Lime that mainly serves Northern Michigan.

“Recognizing that a boutique bartending company was needed in Northern Michigan, Amber began working with a national franchise in 2012. After attending numerous events with bad bar service, uninspired cocktails and so-so attitudes by bartending staff, Amber knew she had found her calling. A favorite cocktail diva of her friends at parties, she always ended up behind the bar getting the party started. Serving clients at weddings, corporate events, birthdays and more, Amber worked the event circuit all over Northern Michigan – developing both a following and a holistic understanding of this growing industry and the keys to success for a great event. After splitting her time between Denver and Traverse City, MI, she took the plunge in 2014 and moved back to Northern Michigan full time to pursue her business. As her reputation with wedding planners and popular regional venues continued to positively grow, she knew she wanted to reshape her business into something entirely her own.

Tonic & Lime was born in 2017! Bringing knowledge, creativity and expertise in cocktail concoctions, seamless bartending service, liquor ordering, creativity, flexibility, professionalism and stocking knowledge as well as EVERYTHING that you will forget to think about, this veteran event bartender has you covered. She has also trained an army of team members to help her deliver quality bartending service for any event you throw her way. They are held to the same high standards to which Amber holds herself. You will not be disappointed in all that Tonic & Lime delivers.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Heather owns Blushing Designs, a Kalamazoo based floral company that makes stunning arrangements.  I can’t wait to photograph some of her masterpieces in a few weeks.  Yay!

“Hey, I’m Heather, cat mom, tequila lover, and always by the water. I am so excited to meet you! I have worked in the flower industry for the past 12 years; what started as a part time job to get through high school and college, turned into a passion when living in Charleston, SC.

I always loved working weddings while growing up, seeing all the hard work put into creating a vision and seeing it all come to life is always rewarding, but seeing the clients face light up when they see how everything came together is my favorite part.

I moved down to Charleston, SC after college when I needed a change of scenery and let’s be honest… the warmer weather, beaches and southern charm was just calling my name. I found myself working at the most charming Flower Shop working in their wedding department. That is where all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I knew I had been doing what I love since I was 16… flowers.

Eventually the cool fall nights, white blanket winters, warm spring showers, not so hot summers, and family were calling my name. I moved back to Michigan in chase of finding my dream job back home and doing more of what I love, weddings.

Blushing Design blossomed when I was asked to be the florist for my best friend’s wedding. The happiness I felt in my heart the morning I woke up to design her flowers was like nothing I had ever felt. Coffee in one hand, flowers in the other, favorite music blasting and the excitement to see her vision come to life, I knew then that I had found what I had been searching for since moving back to Michigan, and Blushing Design came to life.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your story to help bring your vision to life. “

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This fun and super talented lady is Chelsey, owner and designer at Poppy Things!

“I’m a Northern Michigan girl through and through. I am a women’s clothing designer, I’m obsessed with podcasts, and my goals keep me awake at night. I love chocolate pudding, I’m an Aries, and I’ll pet any animal that passes me. Read on if you’d like to know more!

I’ve always been the kid with an eye for color and composition, but when I started designing clothes for my teachers in the 6th grade because I didn’t like what they were wearing, that should have been my mother’s first clue that I’d someday be a designer.

During my years of creating, I developed a love of retail and small business. Growing up in a vacation town, Leland, MI, there was no shortage of summer job opportunities. I loved interacting with people and seeing the correlation of spending time and forming relationships with my customers and exceeding my sales goals. By the time I graduated college at the age of 24, I had 10 years of customer service experience and 6 years of retail management experience.

In 2012 I combined my love of small business and my craft opened an Etsy shop. When I look back on some of the infinity scarves that I made I cringe. 2012 was a time of chevron and aztec prints. My taste has since evolved and my aesthetic is much, MUCH better!

I graduated from the Pamella Roland DeVos School of Fashion of Kendall College of Art & Design with a B.F.A. in Fashion Studies in December 2017.
Through Kendall I have participated in countless collaborations with the city of Grand Rapids, have been the Director of the Senior Fashion Show, have directed multiple photoshoots, found my love of industrial sewing and pattern making, and really discovered my passion for product development.

My ultimate goal in life is to open a retail location in Leelanau County for my brand, Poppy Things.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Sara is seriously the cutest person ever.  She knows just about everything there is to know about SEO, helping get your site to page #1 on Google….check out her site here for Sara Does SEO!

“Sara has been a code junkie since junior high. After many hours reading tutorials and learning about code, she plugged in the ‘ole dial-up modem and created her first HTML-based website for her Girl Scout troop. It took several years, a degree in International Business, and a short-lived career in distribution before Sara realized her true passion was still behind a computer.

When she’s not hiding behind her beloved MacBook Air, Sara can be found running, golfing, and traveling (with her laptop, of course!).”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This is Sarah.  Sarah is a photographer based in Kalamazoo.  I’ll let her tell her awesome story, but don’t forget to visit her site right HERE!!

“Hi. I’m Sarah.
If you know me at all, I’m usually in some ripped up jeans, a tank top (or sweatshirt in the winter), flip flops or chacos with my hair pulled back most of the time.

I love vacationing at the beach with my husband and two kids, making memories in our 1984 retro camper (which we fixed up and put a lot of love into) and adventuring with our friends.

I just turned 40 this year which sound a lot older than what I feel but is not something I get hung up on or think about much. If it has done one thing for me, turning 40 has made me reflect on what I truly value and spend my time in and am so thankful for this re-prioritization to help me align where I want to go and do in these years to come.

My journey to photography began in high school with a film camera and a trip with my church to New York City. I took SO. MANY. PHOTOS I spent a small fortune getting them printed along with favorites my friends took. This is also the same trip in which I realized how much poverty was truly real and how I knew I needed to be a part of the change to help those who can’t help themselves.

Through the years, my story has brought me on this journey both as a Social Worker and being a voice for those around me but as a Photographer in sharing this gift of time to all my clients.

Obviously, to say I love photos would be an understatement but capturing this gift for others truly is an honor…and I’m so thankful for the friends I have met over the years.

I look forward to the many others who reach out and am excited to continue this journey of Photography with you!”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

This sweet soul is Marian.  Marian is absolutely stunning…I’m sure you agree!  She is a blogger who likes to look at the world through “Rose Colored Lenses” which is pretty much the best way to live, in my opinion!  Her “about me” section on her website makes me love her even more….visit it here!

“Hello there! My name is Marian and this is a glimpse of my creative space ????

After a couple of years of marinating the idea of starting a blog, trying to decide whether it was for a good purpose or if I was just jumping on some online millennial bandwagon, I have officially decided (with the help and encouragement of many) that I can create something that is good, that is impactful, and that is a positive avenue of self-expression. So here we are! I have officially set my mind to making it happen, and I hope it provides a place for readers to hear a little bit about how wonderful life is, and despite the many struggles in the everyday pursuit, how there is positivity and beauty in absolutely everything.

Truth be told, I’ve always loved writing. Now, not the type of writing that involved history papers, essays on the political battles of our time, or summaries of clinical studies, but instead the type that has no guidelines. Poetry, performed speeches, journal recollections, post-it note thoughts splattered all over the wall… those kinds of things. So hopefully here I’ll be sharing some of those things with you! I hope you enjoy this ride with me, in learning to see the world through Rose Colored Lenses.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

What is one thing that I hate talking about?!  Money!  Brittney is exactly the opposite which is great.  The world needs both of us.  She loves taxes too.  Brittney is amazing 🙂


I’M BRITTNEY SUTTLE …a small-town girl living in the big city (if you call Indy a big city – I think we break the top 15 in the US, though) living out my dream of helping other ambitious women use their money to conquer the world. Or at least their corner of it.

I eat pasta twice a week, love the mountains, and am currently obsessed with buying up real estate in hopes of having my own HGTV show. (Joking…unless you’re from HGTV, and in that case, hit me up.) The path leading to this place has been long & winding, stemming from an idea for a blog after hearing a friend suggest to another to get a loan to pay for her wedding (newsflash: BAD IDEA) to the small desk I purchased from Big Lots in college where I run my business from today.

And it hasn’t always been easy. It’s a path that’s been filled with peaks & valleys, ideas that didn’t pan out (and a few more that did), moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, moments when I jumped up & down in my bedroom in celebration, and plot twists that changed the course of my business & who it served.


I’m determined to help you & other female entrepreneurs master their money, run a profitable business (or side hustle), and find a little bit (or a lotta bit) of freedom to do whatever the heck you want with your life…without worrying about that $5 cup of Starbucks in the morning.”

Michigan Photographer // Light and airy headshots for The Haven Conference at the beach on Lake Michigan at Camp Blodgett.

Aren’t these ladies fabulous!  Just sitting in a room with this group made me smarter…I know it did!!  And if you have FOMO going on after reading this post and the last post….don’t fret…some of these ladies will be heading over to Detroit for The Haven Conference this fall with even more wonderful, kind, successful and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Grab your ticket here!

Who runs the world?!?

….well….whoever gets out there and works their booty off….that’s who!  (SPOILER ALERT: It can be YOU!)

xoxo – Kellie

  1. Janene says:

    Thank you so much Kellie! You have done a beautiful job presenting these rock star women through photography and words. You are truly an expert at your craft. I can’t wait to see the beauty that you will create at the lavender farm!???? 

  2. Brooke says:

    Love this so much!!!

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