Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer // Newlyweds: Mike & Carrie!


June 28, 2013


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Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer // Newlyweds:  Mike & Carrie!

Names:  Mike & Carrie Kolehouse     Wedding Date:  April 20, 2013     Location:  JW Marriott – Grand Rapids, MI

Mike and Carrie’s wedding was so much fun and so unique!  I loved all of their details and everything about that day!!  Here is what Carrie thought:

1 – How do you like being married?  Does it feel any different than before?
Last week someone asked us if anything had changed since we got married. We both hemmed and hawed and said that we couldn’t really think of much that had changed, but then our neighbor chimed in and said, “Are you kidding me? All of a sudden you’re both like, ‘hey baby bear, I’m gonna go outside for a minute, is that okay? I’ll be right back in, lover, okay? I love you!'” After he pointed that out I reflected on it and realized that we have been treating each other differently. More nicely, fortunately. Probably because we treasure our relationship much more, and see it as such a key element in the success and happiness of our future.

2 – Was there anything that you would have done differently on your wedding day or did it go exactly as planned?

Hands down the most glaring thing I would have done differently is created a seating chart. Before the wedding, I saw a seating chart as a useless and time-consuming torture exercise. Why not just let people sit where they want to? Well, now I know why. People won’t fill up the individual tables unless they are assigned, meaning you have scattered empty seats everywhere and then not enough tables. Also, the guests who requested vegetarian entrees weren’t marked, and many just accepted chicken entrees when they arrived, so we ran out of chicken entrees at the end! Fortunately our venue was very flexible and set up additional tables and made additional meals quickly.  (seating charts sure do help!)

3 – Did anything crazy or funny happen that we may not know about?

The morning of the wedding, I was going crazy trying to pull a video off Facebook of me rapping Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” at karaoke. Needless to say, the rehearsal dinner had gotten a little more lively than we expected. 🙂

4 – Did you have a favorite vendor and/or any favorite details from the day?  (other than photography of course!)

Vue Design did an absolutely amazing job incorporating all the heirloom fabrics into a flattering and modern design for my wedding gown, and Modern Day Floral & Events made the ceremony and reception so beautiful with the flowers and decorating. But I think the beauty of the music – from Blue Molly – at the ceremony and cocktail reception is what I will remember most.  (the florals were gorgeous!!)

5 – What were your favorite images from your day?  Was there any special meaning behind any of them?

I love the black and white photo of Mike and me tucked in a nook of the hotel lobby, looking like we snuck away for a little romance. I also love the back-lit ones on the bridge – so glamorous (those are my fave!)! And I’m a sucker for any photo with Brady (my son and our ring bearer) in it. He is so difficult to photograph, so I was so pleased and impress to have some good (albeit playful) shots of him.
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 31
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 33
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 38
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 67
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 68
jw marriott grand rapids wedding 62

6 – Do you have any advice for brides that are currently planning their weddings? 

Take your time and enjoy the process. Don’t worry too much about what other people think. This day is a celebration of the most important human relationship of your life. Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Use Google Docs.  (love Carrie’s advice)

7 – Last one…..where did you spend your honeymoon?  Tell us about it!

We spent our honeymoon in Europe: London, Athens, Mykonos, Rome, Florence, and Barcelona. We were busy! I learned that my husband is a maniac. He learned that I need naps. We came home even more in love, with many unforgettable memories, and not an ounce of energy or vacation time left.
jw marriott wedding photography 01
jw marriott wedding photography 02
jw marriott wedding photography 03

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