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March 1, 2013


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Names:  Shaun & Jennell      Wedding Date:  August 11, 2012        Wedding Location:  Manistee Michigan

Shaun & Jennell’s intimate picnic wedding was absolutely perfect!  It was so sweet, small and intimate.  The weather was gorgeous and the details so delicate and meaningful!  I truly enjoyed their wedding day!

manistee wedding photography-1

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1 – How do you like being married? Is it all that you dreamed it would be?

It’s wonderful!! I would be lying if I said that things are sunshine and roses all day, every day; marriage is definitely hard work. But I realize how blessed I am to have found the love of my life. He makes me a better person and I can’t imagine my life without him.

2 – If you could change anything about your wedding day, what would it be? Or did it go exactly as planned? 

I think that day was pretty close to perfect, but if there was one thing that I could change I probably would have hired an event coordinator for the day. Even though we had a tiny wedding, I was still fretting over all of the details (especially on the morning of). I think I may have been able to relax and take it all in a little better if I had let someone take over for me that morning.   (I know some amazing wedding coordinators if you want their info!  They help soooo much!!)

3 – Do you have any funny stories or did anything crazy happen on that day? 

We almost had to sleep in our car that night!! We were staying at a B&B and we got back pretty late. The owner had given us a key, but it didn’t work in the door. I tried calling him and there was no answer. We stood there for probably about 15 minutes trying to get into the house before Shaun decided to try the back door. Luckily we had happened to use that door earlier in the day for some photos and by some miracle it was still open. ( I realize now that doesn’t sound too crazy, but it was a big deal at the time 🙂 )   (It’s so funny hearing these stories now….b/c I had no idea!)

4 – What was your favorite part about your wedding? Any special vendors, details, etc? 
It’s really hard to pick one thing!! The location, the weather, the little details were all just right, but overall I think my favorite part was the fact that it was so small and informal; it really allowed us to spend quality time with each other and all of our special guests. And of course the getting married part was pretty fun too. 🙂 

5 – What were your favorite images? Do any of them have any special meaning behind them?

Again, it’s really hard to pick a favorite, I seriously love all of them. I’m so glad we did a first look because we got so many amazing photos and it was nice to just get caught up in each other. These pictures are very important to me, every time I look at them it takes me back to that day and I just feel so happy.  (I chose a few of my favorites to show you!)

manistee wedding photography-4

manistee wedding photography-5

manistee wedding photography-3

manistee wedding photography-2

6 – Do you have any advice for soon-to-be brides that may help in their planning and enjoying of their wedding day? 

Try to enjoy EVERY minute of ALL of it. You only get to do this once, and it’s ok to make a big deal out of little details, but it’s helpful to figure out what is really important to you and focus your time and energy on those things. Have fun with your planning, and on your wedding day make sure to enjoy the day for what it really is – the day you finally get to marry the person you cannot live without.


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