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May 10, 2013


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Tom & Trina’s wedding seems like it was just yesterday!  Time goes by so fast…’s so important to enjoy every minute of it!  I can remember back to high school playing on the softball team with Trina….she was always so nice then, so it was no surprise that her husband would be such a good guy as well!  It was such a privilege to photograph their beautiful day!

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-1

Names:  Tom & Trina   Wedding Date:  August 6, 2011    Ceremony:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church  Reception:  The Bob

How do you like being married?  Is it all that you dreamed it would be? 

We love being married:) It’s been so nice enjoying each other in our own home without any roommates. It is a comfort to know that you have a partner in life to count on for whatever comes your way. Tom and I are expecting our first baby due in July so we are thrilled to begin a new chapter together as parents!  (Tom & Trina will be great parents!  I can’t wait to see how cute their little one is!!)

 If you could change anything about your wedding day, what would it be?  Or did it go exactly as planned?

Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about our day other than I wished it lasted longer:) It went by too fast!

Do you have any funny stories or did anything crazy happen on that day?

One mishap was during the processional, the bridesmaids were cued to walk down the aisle to the wrong song. The quartet that was playing for us couldn’t see the bridesmaids very well from where they were positioned in the church so they were supposed to be cued to start the processional but somehow they were not.  I was up on a balcony of the church watching my sister, my matron of honor walking down the aisle to what I thought was the song that I was supposed to walk down the aisle to! I was so confused at that point not knowing if I was supposed to walk down the balcony stairs at that point because the music was all messed up. The wedding planner had to come running up the stairs to tell me to come down because I couldn’t see her from where I was standing. At that point, Tom, was getting worried wondering if I had pulled a runaway bride as he waiting for me to come down the stairs.  None of our guests seemed to notice after the fact, but it was not a great way to start the ceremony for me because I had gotten all flustered!  (I didn’t even notice!  See…not all the little things are noticed!  No reason to sweat 🙂  )

 What was your favorite part about your wedding?  Any special vendors, details, etc?

My favorite part of the wedding was right after the ceremony when Tom and I took a ride in our limo by was such a great moment and our only moment alone to truly take in our special day together.  All of our vendors were so great!..I have to say that the pictures are my favorite because I will always have those images to remind me of such an amazing day and I am so glad that we got to have you Kellie!! (awe…..tear!)  I also loved my flowers and the church and reception venue.

What were your favorite images?  Do any of them have any special meaning behind them?

So many to choose from! There were so many great ones of Tom and I together. I loved the one of us kissing under the church entry, us looking at each other under the tree, our first dance picture with our guests in the background smiling at us. The picture of Tom’s expression of me coming down the aisle is the picture that comes up on my phone everytime he calls me reminding me how he must of felt seeing me for the first time that day:)   And then there were the groomsmen pictures…out of control:)   (I will post one of the decent ones…..haha)

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-4

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-3

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-2

(We will leave the not-so-good ones for Tom & Trina…..way too funny….and maybe a little embarrassing!)

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-5

downtown Grand Rapids wedding-6

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be brides that may help in their planning and enjoying of their wedding day?

Try not to stress too much about the little details but be organized.  Delegate responsibilities for the day of the wedding so you can enjoy your day completely without feeling too anxious about the details. Splurge on the things that matter most for you and compromise on other things that looking back doesn’t really have a huge impact on your day.  And last of all, take in everything and enjoy yourself because the day will be over before you know it!



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I'm Kellie and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about my life, travels and favorite images. Stay a while and say hello!

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