“Newlyweds” – Michigan Winter Wedding!


April 12, 2013


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“Newlyweds” – Michigan Winter Wedding

Kyle and Alison’s gorgeous wedding is what made me fall in love with winter weddings.  I loved all the fun textures, colors and emotion on their special day.  The freezing cold temps kept everyone super close and acting a little silly in hopes of keeping a little warm.  Not to mention how well the cold helped keep the groomsmen awake 🙂

Names:  Kyle & Alison     Wedding Date:  January 21, 2012     Location:  The Lake House, Muskegon MI

muskegon wedding photography-1

1 – How do you like being married?  Is it all that you dreamed it would be?

I really enjoy it . It’s different that is for sure but I love it 🙂

2 – If you could change anything about your wedding day, what would it be?  Or did it go exactly as planned?

It was perfect, I mean as perfect as any wedding day could go.  There were little things but nothing that made me crazy.  The one thing I look back and wish I would have done is, my friends and family love to dance.  I wanted to hide a video camera and have it on the dance floor all night.  I would have loved to see the people and dancing, it would have been great.

3 – Do you have any funny stories or did anything crazy happen on that day?

A couple…. Friday, we had a snow storm and half of the guests were traveling either from out of state or across the state.  So at the rehearsal I kind of started to get nervous because we paid for all these people and what if they didn’t show. Thank God Saturday the weather was beautiful and everyone came 🙂

At the reception the time came for the me to lose the bottom of my dress.  The train of my dress detached so it became a short dress.  Easier for me to move and walk in.  So my bridesmaids and I have practiced this and I explained where to pull and everything went great, but this time not so much.  As they were pulling the bottom to remove the train one of bridesmaids pulled on the flower instead of the bottom and pulled the flower right off.  My favorite part is she was pulling so hard that when it ripped off she punched herself in the face.  Laughing about it still.  I didn’t even care about the flower, it makes for a great story.
4 – What was your favorite part about your wedding?  Any special vendors, details, etc?
Everything!!!! It is crazy to see everything you plan for in pieces comes together.  The colors, trees, flowers, candles, and even the tuxes and dresses.  Everything looked just how I wanted.  That was my favorite part, seeing the hard work and it being DONE….. And finally just being married!
5 – What were your favorite images?  Do any of them have any special meaning behind them?
The picture of my dad walking me down the aisle, best one is us hugging before he gave me away.  Tears every time. Also almost all beach photos, I love the beach and it being winter made it so pretty. Another favorite is of my flowers. I had the florist put charms that had pictures in them, in my flowers. The charms were of loved ones that could not be with us physically so they were there in spirit. My grandparents, my brother, and Kyle’s grandparents. So every time I looked down at my flowers and saw them looking up at me, I knew they were there. There are a ton more but those are the ones I love.

muskegon wedding photography-16

muskegon wedding photography-15

muskegon wedding photography-14

muskegon wedding photography-3

muskegon wedding photography-2

6 – Do you have any advice for soon-to-be brides that may help in their planning and enjoying of their wedding day?

The thing I realized as the wedding day came the whole week before it was all the little the stuff to do.  As the day got closer and stress levels went up, I finally had to tell myself to let it be.  Kyle and Iwould say “if it goes wrong or not done by now its too late to matter now.”  And it is so true.

7 – Anything else you want to add?

Weddings are stressful but enjoy it, because it is true , it comes fast and then it’s over.

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