Grand Rapids Wedding Photographers // Newlyweds – Ricky & Kecia!


February 13, 2015


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Grand Rapids Wedding Photographers // Newlyweds – Ricky & Kecia!

Names:  Ricky & Kecia  Wedding Date:  August 15, 2014  Wedding Location:  Bissell Tree House – Grand Rapids, MI

To view all of their photos, go here!

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How do you like being married? Does it feel any different than before?

We love it! To be honest, it does feel a lot the same considering we already lived together before the wedding and everything. But every once and a while I remember that I got the chance to marry the man of my dreams and it all comes back 🙂 Being called Mrs. Holmes instead of Ms. Warner took a little while to get used to however.

Was there anything that you would have done differently on your wedding day or did it go exactly as planned?

I loved the whole day, if I could have made it last forever I would have. 🙂 If I thought about it, I would have planned out better where we wanted pictures taken. I think I would have told the caterer or whoever was picking up cake to leave it a little longer, I don’t even think I had a piece to myself.

Did anything crazy or funny happen that we may not know about?

Not really to me, like I said the day went amazing. Weather was perfect, dress was perfect, (it broke a little on the dance floor, but that was to be expected) and sharing our special day with all my favorite people was the best feeling in the world. A little blip in the day, my mom met us at the hotel while we were getting ready to help me put on my dress and then was going to get dressed after we left. She walked me down stairs for our first look, and on her way back a lady asked her “Um, excuse me, but is this your dress, I think it fell off your bellhop.” Ha, without that she would have been walking down the aisle in jeans. Thank goodness for whoever that woman was.

Did you have a favorite vendor and/or favorite detail from the day?

The Catering Company was fantastic! We live out of town so were stressing about a rehearsal dinner and at the last minute (Literally I think a week before) I contacted them at like 2 am and they were more than happy to help us out! Their food was amazing and their entire staff was friendly and overly helpful. The Cakabakery was amazing as well, if you haven’t visited their shop in Easttown, you need to go. Delicious! They were just fantastic people too.

What were your favorite images from your day? Was there any special meaning behind any of them?

I LOVED the ones from our first look. It was on the bridge across the Grand River by the Amway and they turned out amazing. The city was in the background and the sky was beautiful! I also can’t wait to frame all the photos of our crew. There are so many mid laugh, or mid smile pictures that capture the whole feeling of the day. I did get a first look with my dad. I have always been a bit of a daddy’s girl so it was really special to capture that moment he saw me in my dress on the day he was giving me away.

downtown grand rapids wedding photography 0001 downtown grand rapids wedding photography 0002 downtown grand rapids wedding photography 0003 downtown grand rapids wedding photography 0013 downtown grand rapids wedding photography 0015 grand rapids wedding photography 8203 grand rapids wedding photography 8204

Do you have any advice for brides that are currently planning their weddings?

Don’t stress over the small stuff, because at the end of the day it’s not really that important anyway. Just be in every moment because you don’t want to miss what’s happening right in front of you. Oh… and make a list of photos you know you want to take ahead of time, because I can guarantee you will be too busy to remember everything the day of. I missed taking a few photo ops I really wanted to capture, in addition to the 600+ we have to choose from 🙂 Not that the ones we have aren’t amazing, but just some ideas we saw on Pinterest or a unique part of our venue that would have been really neat.

Last one… Where did you spend your honeymoon? Tell us about it!

We went to the Dominican Republic and it was AMAZING! We stayed at Excellence and we would 100% recommend it to anyone, and will be going back! The food was amazing, all the drinks you can handle, and the people there were some of the friendliest people I have ever come in contact with. We knew there were a ton of honeymooners there, but everyone made us feel like our big day was really important and that they were genuinely happy for us.

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