Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer // Newlyweds – Jacob & Amber!


July 8, 2013


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Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer // Newlyweds – Jacob & Amber!

Names:  Jacob & Amber      Wedding Date:  May 26, 2012     Location:  Hitching Post – Ravenna, MI

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1 – How do you like being married? Does it feel any different than before?
Being married is better than I even imagined it would be! It’s great to be with your best friend every single day. Even a year later, I can’t wait for Jacob to come home from work everyday.  As for things feeling different, our love has grown to a connection I couldn’t have imagined, and I feel like our new house together is my home. (Only once did I accidentally drive to my parents house instead of my new home!)  Love it!  I can totally see Amber’s expression on her face as she pulled in…lol!

2 – Was there anything that you would have done differently on your wedding day or did it go exactly as planned?
Everything went better than I had planned! I wish I could do it again just because it was so fun.  I thought I would be anxious or nervous, but I was so relaxed! Getting pictures taken before the ceremony helped calm me.  It reminded me that there was nothing to be nervous about because I was marrying my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful day.  Totally agree about the photos before the ceremony!

3 – Did anything crazy or funny happen that we may not know about?
Two things that I can think of.  The first was that my dad told me jokes just before we went down the aisle. That was a good way to set the mood! I felt so joyful during the ceremony. The second funny thing was during the pictures before the wedding, I was exhausted by the end! We had a few more to do, so my aunt came to me with an ice cold Diet Coke which lifted my spirits. On my one-year anniversary, I was looking at some of my wedding photos, and on a few of the wedding party shots in front of church, there was my diet coke can sitting on a pew top! That Diet Coke saved my sanity at the moment and I’m so glad you captured that memory! It brought a smile to my face because it was like a secret captured moment that only I would recognize.  Yes, only you!  I had no idea!!

4 – Did you have a favorite vendor and/or any favorite details from the day?
Well, the photography for sure. I am so grateful for your talent and the beautiful pictures you took of our wedding. I am also grateful for our caterer Adeline Leigh. The fabulous decor she set up on the buffet tables was a masterpiece! Also, my favorite detail was the overall atmosphere of the reception. The barn at The Hitching Post was just perfect for Jacob and me. There’s not much better than a barn full of boot stomping!  You are too sweet!  We loved you guys….even though we almost melted 🙂  The food was amazing by the way…I loved all the food stations and still talk about them!

5 – What were your favorite images from your day? Was there any special meaning behind any of them?
I love the captured moments of the ceremony. The rings, the kiss, the vows, all are moments that I can relive through the pictures. Also, I can’t get enough of the reception pictures! I love seeing everyone having a good time. By that time of the day, my mind was on overload and it is a bit of a blur, so I’m thankful to have images of all the little details we put work into, all the friends and family who attended, and all the events that took place.

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6 – Do you have any advice for brides that are currently planning their weddings?
At the end, it gets tedious, but it’s all worth it. Go with your gut and think about what really reflects you and your fiancé. On the day of your wedding, slow down and enjoy every minute of it. Don’t be nervous; you made all the right decisions!

7 – Last one…..where did you spend your honeymoon? Tell us about it!
We took a week long road trip. We went into Canada and stayed at Niagara Falls for two days. Then we drove to Portland, Maine for a day which I would highly recommend. It’s such a cool town. Continuing north, we went to Acadia National Park in Maine and camped two more days. Maine has such a fantastic coast line and good lobster! Last we traveled down and drove through Boston, spent a night in Salem, and ended up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our honeymoon was full of eating fresh sea food, sight seeing some of America’s greatest landscapes, and ending up wherever the road led us. Fantastic.
I included two pictures: one of Jacob on the coastline in Portland, Maine, and the other of the two of us after we reached the summit of a mountain in Acadia National Park.

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