Grand Rapids Glamour Photographer // Beautiful Kayleigh!


January 18, 2016


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Grand Rapids Glamour Photographer // Beautiful Kayleigh!

Our next beautiful, inside and out, woman is Kayleigh.  Kayleigh and I didn’t know one another in person prior to taking these photos, but we definitely had something in common.  Kayleigh’s sweet little girl was born (on my birthday actually!) with a lucky fin.  (A lucky fin is just a hand that is a little different than usual, like Nemo’s fin, missing some fingers in Maddie’s case)

I knew we would hit if off the second she told me that she was renting a gold sequin ball gown from Rent The Runway!  All of my sequin dreams came true that day….  Meet Kayleigh!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0000

Seriously….this floral crown that Shelby made was perfect….

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0001

Kayleigh’s friend Nicole nominated her and had this to say:

“This woman, is the epitome of a loving and giving mother/wife/friend. She works full time, does freelance work in her limited free time, volunteers at her church, takes care of her husband and stepchildren, and also her 1 year old daughter, Maddie.

When Maddie was born last year, they discovered that her left hand had not formed correctly, and as a result has only two fingers. Kayleigh showed nothing but absolute adoration for her daughter (of course!). While I think some people would show anger or resentment for the causes of this, Kay made sure to spread the word about an incredible organization called the Lucky Fin Project, which spreads awareness about limb differences. She wants to make sure others in her position don’t feel alone. Her loving, passionate personality makes me certain that Maddie will know she is the same as everyone else- she is one lucky little girl.

On top of being a wonderful mother, I can personally vouch for her being a tremendous friend.  A few adjectives that come to mind are caring, generous, and hilarious. The world is a brighter place with her in it, and she 100% makes me want to be a kinder, better person.”

After reading that…I think I want Kayleigh as my friend too!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0002 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0003

I asked Kayleigh if she had anything she’d like to add and she did.  I am so glad….you will be bless by it I’m sure!

“When the doctors laid a tiny baby on my chest on December 23rd, 2014, I fell in love even faster than I’d fallen for this little angel’s daddy (which was fast). As I stared at her, whispering how much I loved her, I noticed her hand, which was noticeably different than a “normal” hand – missing a few fingers, and her thumb and forefinger were fused together.

Those first few days I was scared, confused, guilt-ridden, angry – upset that my perfect little girl would face obstacles as she grew older and tried to do everything the kids around her could do. I was petrified that people would make fun of her and hurt her tender little soul with their words and stares.

Madeline turned one this past December, and she has spent the last twelve months showing me that I have nothing to fear. She is every bit a “normal” one year old, despite my fears that she might struggle with things like holding her bottle or eating finger foods.

This past year has been unlike any other. Growing into my role as a mother has been the greatest joy of my life. I’m so grateful that God chose me to be Maddie’s mama – that he chose her to teach me about perseverance, determination, and unconditional love.”

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0004 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0005 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0006

Isn’t Kayleigh beautiful?  I’m so thankful to have met her and to call her a fellow “lucky fin momma”!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0007 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0008

Flowers & Design:  Shelby – The Day’s Design

Makeup:  Beauty By Katy

Hair:  Diane – Cutting Edge Hair Studio



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